Construction & Ceramics Industry

APL manufactures a wide range of chemical products for the Construction & Ceramics Industry. These products are application based products like Grinding aid for cement Industry, mortar Plasticizers flow controllers, foaming controllers, water reducers any several others for the concrete and gypsum industry.

Cement industry: products offered in this segment are Non-ionic based strength & grinding aid additives for the cement industry.

Concrete & Gypsum Industry: products offered in this segment are based on Alkyl phenol ethoxylates which are used as concrete mortar plasticizers having wide range of solubility and excellent wetting properties. Alcohol alkoxylates based products with good emulsion capabilities and low pour point characteristics also used as foaming agents. Other products for this segment are based on alkoxylate and Methyl PEGs used as de-foamers and intermediates for concrete super-plasticizers, Polyethylene glycols: used as lubricants and surface finish additives, Alkyl ether sulphates used as foaming agents, and Polymer (polycarboxylate ethers) products that find application as methyl PEG glycol esters used as water reducers.

Ceramic Industry: Poly Ethylene Glycols & Glycol Ethers used in ceramic industry for ceramic tile printing medium as dye & pigment solubilizer having high temperature stability and excellent performance in surface finish for tile printing applications.

Products served for this industry from all three Divisions of APL

Surfactants Polymers Bulk Chemicals
PEG's for Ceramic tile printing Silicon De-foamers -
Grinding Aid Acrylic Binders for Cement Mortars -
Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates Water Proofing compounds -
Wax Emulsions water Proofing for Cement Mortars -
Biocides ( BKC ) Acrylic Emulsionswater Proofing for Cementious Admixtures -
Non-ionic based grinding aids SBR Latex for Non Cementious waterproofing coatings -
Alcohol Ethoxtlates MPEG'S -
Foaming Agents Polycarboxylates -
water Reducers Sodium Napthelene -
- Formaldehyde condensates -
- Ceramic Binders -