Paper Chemicals

The surfactant division at APL offers a wide range of products for the Paper and Pulp processing industry. These speciality formulations are branded & marketed as APBRIL series of products.

Pre-treatment Chemicals, such as EO/PO based co-polymers which are used in various processes in paper manufacture, Anti-foaming chemicals, Non-silicon de-foamers,

De-Inking chemicals, such as Aliphatic acid ethoxylate, used in de-inking process, having strong detergency power, with froth formation to enable effective removal of ink particles from pulp. These formulations are stable in both acidic as well as alkaline mediums. Formulated products with derivatives of aliphatic acid & ssolvent are used in de-inking of waste paper having stubborn inks.

Sizing Chemicals are products based on modified rosin, that are used for high level sizing of papers, Polyethylene derivative based product used specially for craft-paper, and Synthetic wax based product used to impart lustre to products.

Other Miscellaneous products are Fatty alcohol ethoxylates used as a levelling and solubilizing agent in dyeing pastel shades, Dry Strength Resin products and surfactant based cooking aid for pulp applications.

Paper Industry also uses Poly Ethylene Glycols as medium for printing, lamination coating and moisture retention aid in soap wrapping applications.

The Polymer Division of APL serves a wide range of De-foamers, Acrylic Thickners, Acrylic Emulsions & SBR Latex for clay coating of duplex board, and Acrylic dispersing agents.

Products served for this industry from all three Divisions of APL

Surfactants Polymers Bulk Chemicals
PEG's Defoamers Solvents
Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates Thickners -
Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates Acrylic Emulsion for Clay Coating of Duplex boards -
EO/PO Copolymers SBR latex for clay coating of boards LWC/MWC/HWC -
Pre-Treatment Chemicals SBR latex for coating of boards Triplex white, Grey, art & chromo papers -
De-inking Chemicals Acrylic Dispersing agents -
Sizing Chemicals - -
DSR products - -
Non-ionic based Cooking Aid - -
Symthetic wax based products - -